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3M Floor Black Pad The industry standard against which all other stripping pads are compared. Maintains consistent high performance throughout the life of the pad. We Are One Of The Largest Distributors And Dealers Of 3M Floor Black Pad In Delhi..
High Pressure washer The high-pressure washers in our AQT series are easy to connect and can be used universally for almost all tasks. They are perfect for effective cleaning of courtyards, driveways and patios as well as cars, garden furniture and bikes. We Are One Of The largest Distributors and Dealers Of High Pressure Washer in Delhi.
Single Disk Scrubber We are offering Single Disk Scrubber, which are used for floor maintenance. Very durable and high performance and utilize for restoration and crystallization of floor marble floors. Single disk scrubbers comes with comfortable to use and ergonomically designed handle, which increases ease of operation. We Are One Of The largest Distributors and Dealers of Single Disk Scrubber In Delhi.
Wet Mop We offer our clients high quality Wet Mop for mopping all type of floors. Our Wet Mop consists of high quality cotton mop head of 300 grams. Our Wet Mop has long life and it is available at the most affordable price. One Of The Largest Sellers, Distributors And Dealers Of Wet Mop in Delhi
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner we are distributors and suppliers of industrial vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, spray paint booths, blowers, and other industrial equipment. Whether you need a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, centrifugal blower, ring blower, dust collector or other industrial cleaning equipment, we offer high quality products delivered with exceptional service. We Are One Of The Largest Distributors, Suppliers And Dealers Of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Anti Skid Tape Anti Skid TapeĀ also known as anti slip tape, reduces the risk of accidents on slippery, uneven or split level floor surfaces. Available in a range of grades for general purpose and specialist applications, it combines high quality abrasives and tough, durable adhesives to give outstanding slip resistance over long periods. We Are One Of The Largest Distributors and Dealers Of Anti Skid Tape in Delhi
Air Freshener Refill 250ml refills : Will give 3000 shot, Coverage area : 170 Cubic Meter (6000 Cubic Foot).this is a very good Fragrance Dispenser refill.this refill has very high percentage of Fragrance Oil, fits in Airwick and Uniair Dispensers We Are One Of The Largest Distributors, Stockist And Dealers of Air Freshener Refill in Delhi
JRT Dispenser Jumbo roll tissue dispenser (JRT), made with high quality ABS material, in white color, and gives a charming look. Hold standard length JRT roll. Dispensers are designed for easy operation and help in preventing pilferage We Are One Of The largest Sellers, Distributors And Suppliers Of JRT Dispenser in Delhi
Foaming Soap Dispenser Enriched Foam contains special skin conditioning ingredients to soothe the skin for a refreshing cleansing experience. Concentrated formulas and high density foam produce a richer, thicker lather customers will appreciate. We Are One Of The Largest Sellers, Distributors and Dealers of Foaming Soap Dispenser in Delhi