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sanitary napkin INR   5.5 INR  5.5

sanitary napkin

Excellent quality imported product. these are ultra thin pads. available in 280 mm and gel based.

INR 5.5 INR 5.5


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Gel Urinal Screen INR   90 INR  90

Gel Urinal Screen

Features : Eliminate unpleasant odors which are caused by using public urinals. 30 days non-stop release fragrance Anti-splash- Innovative anti splash pillars texture to keep urinal area clean and splash free Flexible to fit different urinals Eco-friendly and biodegradable material. Various fragrance available- Mango, cucumber melon , apple cinnamon, strawberry, orange, herbal mint. Customized logo and design are welcome. Used in public urinals, hotels, resorts, real estate, offices. Other Information : Minimum Order Quantity: 1 No(s)

INR 90 INR 90


Pay mode:COD only

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