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Air Freshner Fragrance Refill

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All these products are available in noida, delhi NCR Hygiene Fresh Air freshener comes in three volume. 100ml, 200ml and 250ml. Hygiene Fresh 100ml refills is one of our best selling product. Its is preferred by most of our consumers. It is called the Golden Key refill because it can fit in any standard 100ml dispenser available in the market. Benefits Usage area - Ideal for areas such as washrooms, offices, toilet areas, home care, hospitals, hotels, reception areas. Institutional Market like Malls, Airports, Train & Bus stations, Restaurants, Schools etc where Hygiene Standards are specified. Customer satisfaction - We have customers who are satisfied with our modern fragrances which works with odor neutralizers to remove bad odors and create a clean fresh environment that reassures our customers that the room is safe and comfortable to use. Cost efficiency – Hygiene Fresh refills have 30% more concentrated fragrant oil and can last 10-15mins. With a minimum refill life of 180 days. Value - Most effective by using pharmaceutical valve technology for microscopic spray dispersal that travels further into the room & stays longer in the air. It distributes three times more power-per- ounce of traditional aerosols & provide full strength odor control. Actuator Type - Two Type of actuator which can fit in the can according to the customer need. Features Technology - We have our own Laboratory which is using new technology designer fragrance oils for professional long-lasting strength and quality. Recyclable Aluminum Can - Manufactured with recyclable aluminum can to support Green Technology. It is Eco Friendly. It has lacquer coating inside the can to prevent rust, leakage & moisturizer. No joints needed like tin. Thus reduces risk of bursting in higher temperature (for Hot Weather condition places). The Stem is made of Metal which will not break-off and leak. Hygizene Neutralizer - 30% more concentrated fragrance with Hygizene Neutralizer that eliminate odors completely as to avoid mixing uncomplimentary smells together. No CFC(chlorofluorocarbon) hazardous materials added which can be harmful to the ozone layer. Metal Stem - Contains Metal Stem and Pharmaceutical Valve with actuator to generate measured & perfect spray. It's a microscopic spray that will disperse and will travel further into the room and hangs longer in the air. Printing - Aluminum can will have label printed on the can itself. Manufactured in one piece. Country of Origin - Made in UAE

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